From 14/02/2023 to 31/12/2023

The smartphone charging stations have arrived at the Stop Shop Terminal Nord.

Shopping while worrying that your phone will run out of battery is no longer a problem at the Stop Shop Terminal Nord shopping center.

Finally, the new power bank sharing service with Caricami stations has arrived.

Everyone knows about car and bike sharing services, which involve renting cars and bicycles, but the shopping center is looking even further ahead with this innovative service. Starting from February 2nd, 2023, visitors of the shopping center can find a Totem at the entrance of the Park containing universal power banks for charging their phones.

The operation is very simple: from the Totem, it is possible to rent a universal power bank, charge your phone during your stay at the shopping center, and then return it. Renting the power bank only takes a few seconds, so it doesn’t waste any time. Simply download the Caricami App (available on Play Store and App Store), scan the QR code to unlock the power bank for free for the first 3 hours. In this way, you can wander around shops with your phone charged and in your pocket. Goodbye to cables and cords that need to be attached to the Totem while waiting for your phone to charge; with the power bank sharing service, you can save time and enjoy your shopping in peace.